50 Facts About Me

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Since this is a new blog, I figured that the best way to to start it off was something for everyone to get to know me, and I couldn't think of a better way than a 50 Facts About Me Post. I don't know if I'm that interesting to be able to create 50 facts about myself but we'll see how this goes.

1. We'll start off really basic. My favorite colors are blue, green, and white.
2. I love animals. I cry harder when animals die in movies than when humans do.
3. Tea is pretty much what keeps me alive. I live off tea.
4. I have lived in three states (four if you count living in Illinois for a summer).
5. I currently live in Florida but the only thing I like about it is Disney.
6. I don't just like Disney, I adore it. Disney movies, Disney World, it it's Disney, I like it.
7. Traveling anywhere fascinates me. I constantly look at pictures of places around the world but I've never left America.
8. My whole life I've wanted to move to England and If I can't move there, I want to move to California.
9. I've been vegetarian for a year and always eat organic foods.
10. Harry Potter year 7 was the first real, young adult book I ever read. I was nine at the time.
11. The first full book I ever wrote was in the summer before fifth grade and it was about my favorite online video game at that time. It was very, very nerdy.
12. I'm a huge nerd. No explanation is needed because trust me, you'll see.
13. The first person to point out my writing abilities was my sixth grade English teacher. I wrote him stories using the vocabulary words we had for the week.
14. I played soccer from the ages of four to eleven, softball in second grade, gymnastics for four years, attempted cheer twice, and now I play lacrosse and have played it for four years.
15. I love One Direction with all my heart but I mostly listen to Indie and Folky kind of music.
16. My favorite songs right now are Photograph by Ed Sheeran, 18 by One Direction, Jackie and Wilson by Hozier, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, and Thunder Clatter by Wild Club.
17. My first and only concert was Justin Bieber when I was thirteen.
18. I have a Jack Russel Terrier named Cookie and a cat named Maisy.
19. Getting new stationary objects is probably the best feeling in the world.
20. The smell of old, yellow-paged books should be a candle because it's amazing.
21. I love mythology.
22. I'm planning to go to the University of Central Florida or University of Florida and major in English.
23. I hate not having something to read.
24. I also hate feet, the word and the real things (unless they're covered by shoes).
25. I can't sleep unless I have my TV on because I need the light and the sound.
26. The dark and death terrify me, like shaking in fear terrify.
27. My favorite TV shows are Teen Wolf, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.
28. When I was little I used to make my friends act out Pirates of the Caribbean with me and I always had to be either Captain Jack Sparrow or Will.
29. I once wrote a story about a girl who fell asleep in class and dreamt she was a princess with a pet unicorn. It was called "Reality Check." (I was so clever)
30. I love the rain and thunderstorms.
31. I collect quotes in a folder on my phone to read when I have nothing to do.
32. I used to go to New York City almost every weekend, but I don't remember most of it and it makes me really upset that I don't.
33. I used to play guitar and learned a bunch of Fall Out Boy and Green Day songs.
34. Plants are my favorite decoration. I have four plants in my room right now.
35. I love scary movies but they scare me o much that I need to keep the lights on to fall asleep.
36. White clothes are my favorite kind of clothes.
37. I love to decorate houses and I used to dream of being an interior designer.
38. I also wanted to be a marine biologist, fashion designer, NASCAR driver, CSI agent, and a black op. I've decided to stick with being a writer.
39. I read my horoscope every morning. I'm a virgo.
40. Notebooks make my world go round.
41. I can't talk in front of crowds, even if it's just six people, I can't do it. I stutter, shake and my face turns red.
42. I'm short for my age and I'm usually the shortest one in all my classes.
43. I love anklets and making them.
44. I really like taking pictures and i think being a photographer as well as a writer would be fun.
45. My other choice would be an editor for movies whilst writing because I also love editing.
46. Board games are one of the best inventions ever.
47. I love to work out and walk and I hate days when I don't leave the house. When I don't get to leave the house I actually get headaches.
48. I first got into blogging when I was reading "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson and Fang created a blog. I loved Fang. Fang had a blog. Therefore I had to have a blog too.
49. I was in drama club at my elementary school in fifth and sixth grade. I've performed in four musicals and went to Jr. Thespians where we got a best of show for performing We Go Together from Grease.
50. Being an author is my number one goal in life.

Sorry this was so long, but I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment down below telling me some facts about you. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post pretty! Just followed you on bloglovin and your blog xx


  2. Amazing post dear!


  3. Thank you <3 I followed you too!

  4. Hi lovely, I really enjoy this post, I love that you have that quote list in your phone I have one in a notebook and I read to when I need to pull myself together. ah. Thanks for sharing.x
    Glamoury Armory Blog 

  5. Thank you so much <3 Quotes always make me feel better. Thank you for reading!

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