A Story From My Childhood

Saturday, August 22, 2015

     As you all know, I've been writing since about the age of eight and as the years have gone by, I've written a lot of stories and books that I've kept as keepsakes. It's fun to go through and read them all because 1) I have a crazy-insane imagination and 2) I was eight to twelve years old. Because my family and I enjoy them so much, I've decided to start a series where I post things I wrote when I was little so we can all laugh at them together.
     In sixth grade (my sixth grade was still elementary school even though I know it's considered middle school in most places), we had a new set of vocabulary words every week for books we were reading, and every week we had assignments to choose from that involved those words. I chose to write stories using the words every week and my teacher loved them so much, he gave me extra credit on pretty much all of them and even insisted that I entered a writing contest (which I did not enter). Since I wrote these stories every week for a whole school year, I have quite a lot of them, although I didn't keep all of them, and I will probably post them all over time. To keep the full affect, I'm not going to change the grammar or spelling and I'll underline the vocab words, so enjoy!

January 10, 2011

     A long time ago an awesome elephant found a taco. It was a random taco on top of a summit. When the elephant was about to eat the typical taco when the taco said "I'm Tawni Taco!" The elephant screamed a girlish scream and sneezed on the taco. "Ewww! Like, what do you think you are doing! You got issues with tissues?!" Said the taco. Then the taco fell off the peripheral edge. The elephant gained maturity and saved the back-talking taco. "I'm flying! I'm the first elephant to reach the sky! I am... in pain!" Just then the elephant hit the ground hard. He looked up and saw the fall was two feet tall. "Get off me! You'll wrinkle my lettuce!" Then to the elephant's surprise... he had landed on the taco! "Oopsies!" Said the elephant. He scooped up the taco and took it to see some specialists in taco care. "Will Tawni Taco be OK?" The elephant said half crying. "No, her tomatoes are squashed and her shell is cracked. Do you want to eat her or shall I?" Said the doctor. "I will, I will make it quick." The elephant said. He went in the room and his heart sank. The doctor was right. her tomatoes were squashed. The elephant deteriorated and ate the taco. The elephant started to cry and got therapy for guidance through the tragic day.

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