Things All Bookworms Can Relate To

Friday, March 11, 2016

     To get myself back into blogging, since I haven't done it in over five months, I thought I'd do an easy, fun post. I feel like the last few posts I've made have all started out with an apology for my absence, haha, so I'll only apologize this last time: sorry for being on a hiatus for almost five months, not tweeting, blogging, and sadly, not writing! I'm slowly trying to get myself back into it; I'm really busy with AP classes, junior year responsibilities *cries,* lacrosse, and reading. Anyways... here are some things I thought all book lovers could relate to, or at least things I know I feel STRONGLY as an obsessive reader.

1.      Constantly being interrupted by other people when you are CLEARLY reading. No matter how close you hold that book to your face, people will just never leave you alone.

2.      The stress of trying to find a bookmark and need to put the book away, but refusing to resort to bending the pages.

3.      When you read an entire page, then realize you were totally zoning out and need to re-read it, sometimes having to re-read it maybe... six times...

4.      The horrible moments when you come across a word you don't know how to pronounce so you sit there trying to think of every single way it could possibly be pronounced. The word usually gets stuck in my head for hours after I've read it, and all I can think of is the different pronunciations.

5.      People who don't usually read telling you they heard a book is awful when they see you reading it. Why is it awful? Is the narrator whiny? Is the plot twist sucky? Are there a lot of grammatical errors? OOh, that's right.... you didn't read it.

6.      Those frightening moments when you know you have tons of homework to do, but you only have seventy pages left.

7.      Finding that song that matches perfectly with a scene or a character's personality. (Patch from "Hush, Hush" and every song by Mayday Parade because I read that series during my cringy middle-school dark phase.)

8.      The look your parents give you when they tell you to hang out with more friends and you tell them books are your friends.

9.      When it's already morning and you have ten pages left even though you wanted to go to bed early. Eventually, you usually end up passing out and either losing your page or crushing half the book.

     I hope everyone enjoys the pictures I took when I was bored at 12:30 at night after I finished writing this post during my break from reading "City of Bones" :)

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  1. Yes!! I totally agree and relate to all of these! I do number three quite a bit! I literally use anything I can find for a bookmark! I'll use tissues, to wrappers to phones. As long as I don't bend my pages I'm fine! I'm new to your blog and I look forward to more posts!

  2. Thank you for reading!! I'm glad someone can relate lol 💙