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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

     Hello! My name is Taylor, and I'm obsessed with libraries. Entertaining, I know.But is it just me or are most libraries and book stores really boring? I can't be th only one who fantasizes about libraries they wish existed because let's face it, readers have the best imaginations and if anyone could create an amazing library, it's a book addict.
     I thought it might be fun to describe, in detail, my dream library and where I would probably live most of my life. I thought about maybe turning this into a tag, the "My Dream Library Tag," but I didn't know if anyone would actually want to do it, so feel free to write about your dream library and leave the link in the comments down below😊

     I would personally open my library in London beacuse I love England and I feel like it would be fun if it were in the city, although a chain of the libraries would be cool. Outside it would look like a traditional store, of course it would be much bigger than average store, and there would be ivy covered in flowers growing around the doors with a little wooden sign outside with a cute name for the place. Next to the entrance would be a small wooden rack of books that are on sale or are old and used, so it wouldn't matter if they were stolen, lol.
     I would also make it a bookstore to where you could buy copies of the book, but you could have a library card and check out the library versions of the book. That way it can suit either prefernce because personally, I love buying books and owning them, but others prefer to borrow them from the library.
     On the inside, it would be round and three stories tall and have really tall book cases that line the walls that need ladders to reach the top shelves. When you first walk in the door there would be an indent in the ground with stairs leading down into a sitting area with mix matched vintage couches and chairs. There will be one big spiral staircase that connects all three floors and wraps around the room. There will also be book cases lining the back of the room horizontally so you can see down the isles from the front door and cahirs would be scattered around he isles with unique floor lamps so people could read alone. On the left side will be a checkout counters and shelves of merchandise like bookmarks, notebooks, pens, etc. Also, there would be a couple computers out for people to search for books as there would be so many books to sift through. On the right will be a small cafe withe a couple set of wiry, outdoor tables and chairs and a little barista bar that has a bunch of plants and flowers. None of the mugs will be the same and there would be small deserts and snacks to buy. The menu would be written on large chalkboards above the bar, and the bar itself woud look aged and victorian as well as the check out counters.
     The upper levels would just be filled with book shelves and different chairs and couches. Plants would hang down the shelves just to keep it fresh, so it doesn't get stuffy. All of the decorations and furniture would be different from each other, but it would sill match. It would all keep a cozy, eclectic vibe but also be fresh and clean because if anyone's like me, I can't read when there's a mess. I would try to keep kind of victorian and have a lot of dark brown and white furniture with mixes of colors so it's bright but dark at the same time. There would be windows too of course between the book shelves with window seats and pretty cushions for people to read in.
     Out the back door would a small garden with a fish pond and little waterfall. More wiry chair and table sets would be out there, and flowers upon flowers would surround the garden. Light music would play out there as well as on the bottom level, but not on the upper levels for those who need complete silence.

     This was really unorgaized, haha sorry, but I hope you enjoyed it. I was so excited while writing this because I want this to be a real thing so badly, this is all I want in life. Leave a comment down below a link to your dream library or write your own dream, I'd love to read about them. Thanks for reading!

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