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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Hello everyone!

I discovered another tag out there in the blogiverse, and once again I wasn't tagged but I thought it would be fun anyway! Since I am going to be a college freshman on the 19th of this August, I found this tag pretty fitting.

It was started by Dawlyn and Krista at Little Blind Book Finds. And that's all I have for you, so here's the tag:

The Roommate
Roommates can be a hit or miss experience freshman year, especially when you don’t get the opportunity to pick who you room with. Name a character you’d love to be roommates with and one you’d hate to be roommates with.

So my roommate would probably be Annabeth from Percy Jackson because I feel like she wouldn't get annoying and would give me space because she's not super talkative and crazy crazy. I would probably hate being roommates with Bella from Twilight just because she's so depressing.

Before your freshman year officially begins, you typically go to an orientation to familiarize yourself with the campus. Orientation can be both exciting and scary as you’re experiencing something new. Name a book that you read to experience a new genre, or to familiarize yourself with a topic you knew nothing about. Did you like the book? What did you learn from it?

I read Illuminae to experience the science fiction genre since I hadn't read much in that genre and I loved it! I'm trying to write a sci-fi short story and it definitely helped with the perspective of space and all that.

It is normal to experience homesickness at some point after moving away from home for the first time. Name a book from your childhood that you love so much that you sometimes miss, and may even find yourself rereading it often.

Percy Jackson is definitely a series I keep coming back to. I read the original series in 6th grade and I've been reading the Heroes of Olympus series all throughout High School and now college.

Choosing A Major
Choosing a major is something every college student has to do at some point, but many students choose their freshman year. Hopefully your major is something you are passionate about. Name a book that you have read about a topic you are passionate about, or a character from a book that shares a similar passion as you.

I feel like there's someone in the Mortal Instruments series that likes to write, but I may be totally wrong. If not, I'd have to choose Hermione because she loves to learn and read and those are two of my favorite things.

Join The Club
Joining different clubs and groups can often be an exciting thing to jump into as a freshman for some, and nerve-wracking for others. Name a popular book or book series that you didn’t think you’d enjoy, but ended up loving.

Again, Illuminae, because it's written entirely through documents and I usually hate reading documents in books. Also, Scarlet, because I liked Cinder, but I wasn't sure I wanted to read the rest of the series.

The All-Nighter
As a college freshman and a college student in general, all-nighters are pretty common. Name one book that was so good, you stayed up all night reading it.

THE NATURALS. I was up until two in the morning, when I usually go to bed around ten. The ending was just so great I couldn't put it down. There were three plot twists in like five pages and it was amazing.

The Night Before It’s Due
Speaking of those all-nighters, they usually have something to do with that assignment you put off until the last minute. Name a popular book or book series that you put off reading for way too long.

The Mortal Instruments series. I still haven't finished it lol. I just can't get into it and I've only read the first book.

The Hangover
You may or may not have experienced a hangover… or 10 during your freshman year in college. Name a book that left you with a book hangover after you finished it.

A Court of Thorns and Roses and An Ember in the Ashes both left me with major hangovers and I read them back to back. Mark of Athena also left me with a huge hangover. I just get so into book worlds, and I'm not complaining, but it hurts to leave them.

On A Budget
Freshman year, you usually learn what it means to be a broke college student. Name a book that you remember buying even though you were tight on cash, because you just had to have it.

Pretty much all my books... but House of Hades. I recently bought it when I had like $40 left in my spending account since I'm trying to save for college.

English 101
General ed courses are typically all you take freshman year, and English is usually one of them. (Depending on the prof that could be a good thing  ) Name a required reading book that you loved. (it can be middle/high school or college)

There's a few. I loved Hamlet in AP Literature, and I have no idea why because everyone else hated it; maybe I'm a closet Shakespeare lover. In that same class, I loved Candide by Voltaire. In AP Language I loved The Great Gatsby, even though I read it freshman year for fun, and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. In pre-AP English, I loved reading The Catcher in the Rye as well. I think I have a thing for classics, but I never let myself buy them.

The Textbook
Part of being a broke college student is trying to find the cheapest way to buy a textbook. To make it worse, some freshman gen ed courses end up having no use for the book at all. Name a book that you spent money on and ended up not liking.

The Young World by Chris Weitz is probably my least favorite book. Ever. And I also didn't really get into The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black and didn't finish. I do plan on reading the rest of it eventually though.

Office Hours
All professors have office hours, and often times students don’t take advantage of them. Advice for freshman: go to office hours! It is a good idea to get to know your professors. Making connections with them can lead to great tips on assignments, internship opportunities, and job connections. Name a book (autobiography or biography) that you read to get to know more about someone you are interested in.

In middle school I read a book on Michelle Obama because I love her so much and she was the greatest First Lady. Other than that, I've never really read another biography for fun.

The Mean Professor
There’s always that one professor that no one likes, especially in freshman gen ed courses. Name a villain or any character you disliked, that you would hate to have as a professor.

As a professor, I would hate having Inquisitor Damian Rook from The Novice. I hate him so much. He's such a classist, disrespectful butthole. I don't think I've ever hated an evil character so badly right from the beginning. Arcturus is so nice and I'd beat Rook before he got the chance to hurt him.

Drop The Class
Sometimes It gets to the midpoint of the semester and you can’t take any more of a particular class, and decide to drop it. Name a book or author you thought you’d enjoy reading but ended up not liking.

I thought I would love Clockwork Angel since I love the 1800s, and London, but I really just thought it was pretty bland.

Life Lessons
I learned so many life lessons my freshman year of college. The experience made me learn so much about myself that I didn’t realize. Name a book that has made you reflect on life.

I've already mentioned it, but Mark of Athena really made me reflect on life. I don't know why or in what way, but I feel like I understood myself a lot better after reading it. Also, The Great Gatsby really made me reflect on my life as well, but I feel like that's the purpose of that novel.

Wow that took a long time, oh my gosh. If you do, or have done this tag, please link it down below so I can check it out! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Once I bought a book about Disney Imagineering from Barnes and Noble for $50... Should I have paid that much for it? Probably not. BUT IT HAD SUCH PRETTY PICTURES AND DIAGRAMS AND OMG I NEEDED IT!

  2. I love The Naturals series!! I also love Jennifer Lynn Barnes's other thriller series, The Fixer! Nice answers!


  4. I've ever heard f that one, I'll check it out! And I've never met another book blogger who read The Naturals! <3

  5. I completely agree with the Clockwork Angel - I just couldn't get into it. Great job on this tag and good luck/have fun in college! <3

  6. Thank you so much!! And I'm so glad someone can relate lol <3

  7. Great post! I'm also starting college this year, but next month! Also, I've nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award :)

  8. Thank you!! And good luck! So far, it's a lot of fun lol