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Tuesday, January 16, 2018, by taylorisreading

Hello everyone!

I had planned for this post to be a post of the worst books I read in 2017, but there was only really one BAD book that I read, so you can read my rant of it here. So, instead of that, I decided to tell you all the typical things seen in YA novels that are my guilty pleasures <3

Boarding School

How can you not adore the boarding school setting? It gives the author the ability to write about young adults, but without having to worry about writing parents that have no impact on the plot. It also adds some mystery of what this school is like, and what could possibly happen to these students.  Harry Potter is by far the best example of this, but there are so many other great ones!

The Powers the Character Never Knew He or She Had

This cliche can sometimes go terribly wrong, and I could list several examples, but I don't want to rag on any books because as a writer, I know how much time and effort is put into writing a book. So, some good examples are: An Ember in the Ashes, Throne of Glass, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Shadow and Bone, and my short story on here called Out of the Cell ;). What I really like about this cliche is that it adds some intensity to the book, and it makes for a great plot twist.

The Stolen Girl

There are many people that don't like this cliche because it shows a lack of feminism in a book, but if done right, I think it can show how strong a girl is. Some good examples of this are A Court of Thorns and Roses and Cruel Beauty. Both books have very strong female leads that are anything but damsels in distress. They in the end, fight for their men that are the damsels

The Comic Relief

Everyone loves a good comic relief. In Heroes of Olympus, Leo was such a great comic relief - I think that is why I grew to like him to much because I love funny people. I think he is the best example I have of the comic relief. It's just a nice break in a heavy situation to be able to laugh it off.


My favorite Harry Potter is the Goblet of Fire, so I bet you could have guessed this one. There's just such great suspense that comes with a competition! This also means like Hunger Games and The Selection. This plot is also great for making plot twists and turning people against each other.

The Evil King

There always has to be an evil leader - in Divergent, Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Red Queen, Cruel Beauty, Shadow and Bone, An Ember in the Ashes, Ash Princess. There's something so inspiring and empowering about the defeat of someone you really grow to hate.

If you noticed, a lot of my favorite books fall into multiple categories. They're also all really popular books, so that says something about cliche plot lines - we complain about them, but we're all just suckers for them.

Let me know the cliches that you secretly always hope are in a book!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Okay, but I love all these ones! A lot of people seem to hate competition montages. I like them. I had to get used to it after Throne of Glass--- it was a tad stretched for me, but for some reason training stuff has grown on me a lot.

    I actually wrote a story about a girl at boarding school! I don't feel like there are enough boarding school stories! It's the perfect way to come of age and explore a cool place!
    Thanks for this post. Loved it!

  2. Yes, I felt the same way during ToG, but Celaena was so badass and entertaining😂
    And thats so awesome! I totally agree, there needs to be more stories with boarding schools

  3. Ah these are all so good! What is it about boarding schools that is so appealing? I also love to watch movies set in a boarding school.

    The comic relief is one of my favourites! They usually end up being my favourite characters.

  4. Me too! Theres just so much potential for students at boarding schools.
    And same here!! Leo from Heroes of Olympus is my #1 example😍

  5. I actually don’t hate love triangles if done right and I love best friends turn lovers

  6. Yes, I love the best friend thing like Percy and Annabeth and Ron and Hermione <3

  7. Actually never read either of those relationships form but I know some good ones

  8. I’m guilty of liking all of these, I just don’t see how you can’t!!

  9. Theyre like the essence of every good story😂😂

  10. Leo Valdez is so precious!! #hotstuff I swear he's such a meme 😂



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