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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

WouldYouRather.jpgHello everyone!

I found this book tag over at Sincerely, a Book Nerd, and I thought it would be really fun to do on here!

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?

100% only series! I love getting invested in characters and worlds and seeing the stories grow. That would also mean no Sarah J. Maas or J.K. Rowling, and I don't think I would survive that.

2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?

I would definitely have to say female. A majority of the books I read are mainly told from the perspective of a female, and boys can just be annoying sometimes, especially when they like a girl but they don't know what to do about it.

3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or other actual bookstore) or Amazon?

Actual book stores are so much more fun, and it makes book shopping much more meaningful. There's nothing like smelling the book store, browsing the shelves, and leaving with some great books

4. Rather all books become movies or tv shows?

Movies. I rarely watch new tv shows - I tend to binge shows that I really like, then re-watch the series until I know every episode by heart, and you definitely know that if you watch my Instagram stories.

5. Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?

It would be so awesome if I could read 5 books a week, but I really don't have the time during school, where I'm lucky if I get to read 5 pages a week of a book that's not for school.

6. Rather be a professional book reviewer or an author?

My dream in life is to be a professional author with a series like Throne of Glass or Harry Potter - that is what I have envisioned for myself since I was about ten years old.

7. Rather only read the same 20 books over and over or get to read a new book every 6 months?

If with the 6 month option, I got to re-read books during those 6 months, I would definitely choose that. I would get so sick of those same 20 books for the rest of my life.

8. Rather be a librarian or own a book store?

Oh yes, I would love to own a book store. I did a post a looong time ago on my dream library/book store, so if you're interested in what my store would be like, you can read about it here.

9. Rather only read your favorite genre or your favorite author?

Definitely my favorite genre because all my favorite authors are in my favorite genre of YA fantasy/sci-fi. And I would want some variety in my reading - reading the same author forever would get pretty dull, and I sadly doubt there's any more YA fantasy books coming out by J.K. Rowling any time soon.

10. Rather only read physical books or eBooks?

Physical books all the way. Ebooks give me awful headaches, so NetGalley really is a win-lose situation.

Let me know if you do this tag too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I agree with you on going to the bookstore to buy your books. I don't think buying books would be as enjoyable if I wouldn't be able to go my favorite bookstore ever again.

  2. The last time I went to a bookstore to buy a book was last December. I was only in Barnes and Nobles because my daughter had a performance there. I love series book too.

  3. I feel the same way; it makes it an experience

  4. That is so much restraint in book-buying lol I don't think I could ever achieve that

  5. I swiped this tag to do with a bit of a twist. Thanks for posting it. I enjoyed reading your answers.


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  7. Thank you, and I can't wait to read yours! <3