Young adult books becoming movies in 2018

Tuesday, February 06, 2018, by taylorisreading

The Death Cure   
Jan. 26

So, this movie is already out, but I am putting in this list because I am so excited to see it. It is the third, and final, installment of the Maze Runner movie adaptations. I have not been disappointed with either of the previous movies, so I hope this one is just as amazing. Comment down below if you've seen it and what you thought of it.

Everyday    Feb. 23

This book has been around for a long time now, and I never imagined it being a movie just because it would be so different and maybe even hard to make. Nonetheless, I am so excited to see this book come to life. If you haven't read it, Everyday follows this one person (or soul, I guess) that wakes up every single day in an entirely new body with no idea who it is or why. This soul-person-thing then falls in love with a girl, and wakes up every day to go find the girl.

Love, Simon    March 16

The last three books are ones I have not read, sadly, but I have heard amazing things about them and ridiculous hype over the movies (for good reason). I do not know much about this story in particular because I don't generally follow contemporary novels, as you all well know, but I know it is about a closeted gay teenage boy who is forced out when he is blackmailed. This sounds like a great book, and I am sure it'll be just as amazing as a movie.

Ready Player One    March 30

This is a book and movie I am really highly anticipating. It involves a future dystopian society in which the world I pretty nearly trashed and people live in trailer stack upon each other to try to make everyone fit. Because life like that is just plain awful, people use virtual reality headsets to escape and live through the game world. The book follows a teenage boy who enters a competition in the virtual world - and that is as much as I know.

The Darkest Minds    Sep. 14

I see so much about filming this movie on Instagram following Alexandra Bracken. I honestly have no clue what this book is about, but I have been wanting to pick it up for a couple years now - I hope I can get to it before the movie releases!

Those are all the popular book-to-movie adaptations that I am aware of for 2018, let me know down below if there's any I've missed.

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  1. I am so excited for Darkest Minds!! Yes you must read this book ASAP!

  2. It was really good and had a mix of darkness and humor that made it prefect.

  3. Ah I'm so excited for Love Simon! (I still need to read the book... but hopefully I can get to that soon!) I'm really curious about The Darkest Minds movie. I really love the books so I might go see it but honestly I'm pretty skeptical so we'll see

  4. Yeah, fantasy movie adaptations usually fall short with a couple exceptions of like Harry Potter



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