How I Style a Jumpsuit || Short & Small

Friday, August 10, 2018

Hello everybody!

I was recently, and so graciously, gifted a jumpsuit by the cutest little Instagram shop called Red Door Boutique. Stay tuned for a discount code at the end!

Since I had never worn a full-length jumpsuit, but have always wanted to try it, I thought I would show how I styled it.

My main concern was how it would look since I am fairly short. I turn 20 in September and I am only 5'1... maybe 5'2 if it's a good day.

I really like my height and wouldn't want to be any taller or shorter, but I am always concerned on how maxi skirts, long dresses, and jumpsuits would look on me. I still want to wear those clothes, so I thought why not make it suit me instead of making myself suit the clothes.

The first thing I did was rolled up the ankles.

The ends were already cuffed at a good length, but I thought that this might make my legs look a but longer and put a bit more skin between the pant and my shoes.

Next I tried some slightly heeled black boots. Because the jumpsuit is grey and white, black complimented so well. I also chucked on a small black backpack because who wants to carry around a purse alll the time?

Something else I tried out was grey and brown, and I actually thought it looked nice since the grey was so light. That is a style I have been loving -- mixing shades of browns with shades of black.

The sandals made the look much more summery since it is a full-length jumpsuit, while some brown or black boots would look great in the fall!

I also paired it with my Van Heusen bag that I just love.

To top off the brown look, I tried a brown belt to match the shoes and bag. This separated the look a bit and added a little more detail to the body.

Now, if you want to recreate this look for yourself using this jumpsuit, visit Red Door Boutique and use the discount code taylor15 at checkout to get 15% off any non-sale items. The code is only available through Sunday, August 12 until 6 EST. All sale items are already 30% off, so enjoy some stylish back to school shopping!

How would you style the jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,

Taylor . x

Also, a huge shoutout to my amazing mom for being my photographer for all of these pictures! Thank you <3

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