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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Instagram is the platform most favorited by influencers. I love scrolling through my timeline and seeing everyone's new content. However, it is harder than ever to gain a following and keep it with Instagram's latest algorithm.

I have compiled a list of tips that I think would be helpful for Instagram influencers, and if you would like to check out my account you can find me at @taylorisreading. I would love to catch up with you there.

Here are my tips and tricks to the new Instagram:

plan posts ahead of time
I always have a store of at least five pictures in my phone, edited and ready to post. You never know what might happen, so it's best to save some extra photos for the days when you can't take a good picture. This will also help you to plan out your spread better. If you are working for a theme, then this is very important to maintain a good aesthetic.

like pictures of accounts involving the same interests as you
Exposure is what gets you followers. You can't wait for people to find your account and expect followers. If I ever have a spare minute, I will be the most interactive person on Instagram. Comment on posts of people you follow, then I go through the comments and find new accounts and like some of their pictures. This will show them you're there, and it can give you some fresh inspiration for your own posts.

follow other accounts
You will never know what others are doing, what the trends are, if you don't follow other accounts. Find other bloggers and youtuber and influencers that are similar to you, or maybe not similar at all for some new ideas, and follow them. They also might follow you back if they appreciate your content.

make friends
When you do like and follow other accounts, you could build new relationships with people around the world. Not only is it fun and exciting, and you might make some of your best friends, but it's also new exposure. Start tagging each other in things and doing livestreams together and you will both be exposed to another audience.

create a brand
When people see a post or a style, they should think "wow, that is so..." You want to have a unique niche in whatever you do so people will recognize it. After you're more established, then it's safer to branch out, but in the beginning especially you want to be recognizable.

stop being shy about your creativity
I need to take this advice for myself. I still have my old personal Instagram, even if I don't use it anymore, because no one outside of my family, my boyfriend, and a few friends who found out know about all that I do. I am on the edge of announcing it to all of them, but I am still pretty shy about it. However, it's hard to grow when you feel held back. No one, literally no one, will care that you do this. They will either be excited for you, or they won't react at all. Also, if you're doing a photoshoot outside, what are the odds that the people staring at you posing will ever see you again?

post what you would want to see & show your personality
Everyone has their own mindset. You may love other people's content, and it may be exactly what you would want to do, but everyone has their own perspective. If you want to see something, odds are, one of the billions of people on this Earth would want to see it too.

utilize your stories and highlights
This is big. Sometimes it can feel like Instagram is working against us on the grounds of exposure. It is now harder than ever to gain new followers, and to even just show your new posts to all your followers. I have roughly 2,000 followers, but my posts only reach about 400 to 600 people. Crazy, right? It's the new algorithm and it's quite frankly driving influencers insane.  That is why you need to post when you have new content on your Insta feed, on your blog, on your channel, etc. to your story! This way, if followers stumble upon your story, they can see that you have something new.

Those are my few tips for Instagrammers from everything I have learned in the past eight months I have been building my account. It's difficult at first to watch followers trickle in when you're so proud of your content, but it does pay off. Just remember that you love doing it and you don't need validation. If you're doing it all for the right reasons, that should be enough.

Let me know some of your Instagram tips down below! Other readers and I would love to know them.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram at @taylorisreading.

Thanks for reading,

Taylor . x

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  1. I loved this post ! I’ve been really getting into Instagram and trying to make good photos 😊

  2. Thank you so much 💕💕 and I think Instagram is so much fun to get into