Balancing reading and school.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

It's difficult.

Family, school, and friends are the most important things during the school year, and trying to balance even just those aspects can be hard, especially when clubs and sports are thrown in. And if you go to college it is a whole new world of difficult because you have to worry about daily things like cleaning and shopping with jobs and internships.

But it is a good idea to take some time to yourself and do something you really love doing -- like reading if you're anything like me. You can squeeze in these moments a lot more than you think.

Always carry a book with you
You will actually be surprised by how much reading time you can get in just by always having a book with you. Reading while waiting for guidance appointments or class or even just when you're bored and only have a couple minutes.

I always have a book in my backpack when I'm around on campus, and even in my purse when I go really anywhere. You never know when reading time could spring itself on you.

Making the time
It's also important to make the time. I know that whenever I fall out of reading or things I love doing, I'm not always in the best mood. It's part of sustaining your personal health to do the things you love. So curl up in a nice blanket, make a good cup o tea, and pull out a good book.

Don't force yourself
Never make your hobby, including reading, feel like a chore. Only read when and what you want to read. When you begin to force yourself to read, or whatever your hobby is, you are more likely to fall out of it. Sometimes you just need a break, even from things you love.

Don't feel bad for not reading
If you're involved in the reading community, and you're watching booktubers who read 2-3 books a week, it can feel disheartening when it takes you 2-3 weeks to just finish a book. It's really not that big of a deal, you're not any less of a reader for not reading obsessively.

Honestly, it took me a month to finish Truthwith. As long as you're having fun with friends and family or paying attention to school/work, you are ok with however often you read.

I hope some of you found this helpful as the school year begins again! I am wishing you all the best of luck for the new year <3

Thanks for reading,

Taylor . x

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  1. Lovely post with some great advice, especially about always carrying a book around with you ❤

  2. Great post! I really needed it right now :)

  3. I never realised how much reading time I really had until I started carrying a book with me! x

  4. Yes! There are so many times where I just play on my phone around town when I could read

  5. These are such amazing tips Taylor <3 I always go to my Kindle app or audiobook whenever I have downtime, and it definitely helps squeeze in reading during the busy days.

  6. I agree, carry a book (or any reading device) and you’ll be surprised how much time you have to read. I’m pretty busy with work, which has me traveling all over the place and gives me long, uninterrupted periods to read when I’m on the train and little snatches when waiting for the train.

  7. It's such an easy way to get in reading time😊 I feel like a train is a great atmosphere for reading!