Twenty One Pilot's New Album 'Trench' is My October Mood Summarized

Friday, October 26, 2018

     I never really listen to Twenty One Pilots, I'll be honest. But I think I became a major fan this month with the release of their new album and with the indie rock obsession I've been having.
     This month I've been laying my denim jack with an old hoodie while listening to Twenty One Pilots, so I guess I'm artsy now.
     On October 5th the band dropped the album called Trench, which is their fifth album. This is the only Twenty One Pilots album I have listened to all the way so I am unbiased in how much I loved this album.
     For refence, I'll insert the track list here:

My Blood
Neon Gravestones
The Hype
Nico and the Niners
Cut My Lip
Pet Cheetah
Leave the City     

     Starting the album off is one of my two favorite songs from the album and that is Jumpsuit. It's the heaviest song on the album with amazingly deep bass and a rhythm that makes you want to layer your denim jacket then walk down the street at night, tweet about how edgy you, then fall into bush whilst tweeting. That was based off a true story.
     It does get really slow and quite depressing, so when I say the album has been a mood I don't mean that I'm in any kind of emotional low. Mom, I'm really ok. But October is the month of rocky tones and slow, empathetic vocals, especially the end of October as we try to get into the spooky Halloween mood.
     Smithereens is another one that stood out to me. Tyler Joseph's voice and the slow vibe are so soothing while keeping with the pace of the rest of the album. I also adore the words of the song, especially in the chorus when he sings "for you, I'd go step up to a dude much bigger than me. For you, I would get messed up weigh 153. For you, I would get beat to smithereens."
     As I typed that out I realized how unromantic it really sounded, but the intention of his words are sweet.
     My most favorite song of the album comes near the end and that is Pet Cheetah. I got such strong Suicide Squad vibes from the instrumentals and I had been a big fan of that album. However, when Tyler starts to rap is what I really love. It's the kind of bad that actually sounds good and makes you want to replay it forever.
     It also makes me feel much cooler than I am, which I appreciate.

     I hope you all enjoyed this little end of the week mind-dump on the album I have been loving this month. Let me know if you're a Twenty One Pilots fan and what your favorite song is so I can listen to it and get to know more of their music.

     Thanks for reading,

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