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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Currently I have been feeling a very alternative yet oaky and cozy vibe with my music taste. I always come back to indie rock music after venturing into a different phase of music, and I have fallen into a deep pit of an "indie/alt" mood, so it's no surprise that my suggested is all indie alternative at the moment.
The new Mumford & Sons Delta album has been playing in my room in its entirety at least once a day. I have also been getting into a couple local bands and went to one of their concerts recently -- it was such a cute, fun time with friends.
I find indie and alternative music very inspiring as the words are usually a bit different from popular music and there seems be so much heart put into the work of unknown or not well-known artists.
So, here is a list of the music I have been loving recently.

Woman by Mumford & Sons
Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots
American Girl by Tom Petty
Get You High by Harbour
Be the Song by Foy Vance
Nickel by Flipturn
42 by Mumford & Sons
Dead Sea by The Lumineers
Paracetamol by Declan McKenna
Headphones by Walk the Mom
Scare Away the Dark by Passenger
Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots
Love, Patiently by Shakey Graves
Janey by Foy Vance
Slow Up by Jacob Banks
She Said by James Barre
The Long Road by Passenger
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer
August by Flipturn
Stay by The Hails
Icky Thump by White Stripes
I'll Look After You by The Fray
If I Say by Mumford & Sons

Hopefully this gives you some new inspiration as we get back into the swing of things in school and work -- I know finding new music always makes me feel more productive and fresh. Also I would love to read what you all are listening to right now, so leave a comment down below!

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