9 Things I Started Doing Differently in 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Currently writing this from the coziness that is my small room at college lit up by fairy lights, candles, & the playing of Beauty and the Beast with a cup of tea in hand. Earlier today I had been thinking of a reflective blog post I could write on 2019 so far, and after a couple drafts, this is what I have decided on. The two before, I quickly realized, were very focused on the few negatives that had happened throughout the time and then what I learned from those negatives, and that wasn't how I wanted to reflect on my 2019. It truly has been a beautiful start to the year.

None of these things began as New Year's resolutions or anything relating to that, they're really just habits that I slowly adopted and realized I had been repeating.

Using natural skincare
My skin has never been more thankful. It began with a bad, sporadic string of break outs that I just had enough of, and I found a natural Korean beauty serum that has done absolute wonders. I feel much more relaxed knowing that my skin isn't being bombarded and terrorized by foreign chemicals.

I haven't made the switch yet, but the next transition will be to natural beauty products. I know there many great brands available now, but I just haven't found the one I'm willing to test. I would love to know of any you use or know of!

Refining my personal style & brand
It seems that every couple months my style slowly begins to take a shift in a different direction. I always have the base style that I always fall back to, which is where I am now, but something in me feels the need to change it up. I've started trying new ways to change within my style and keep it interesting to me while keeping myself centered.

This year I also turn 21 (!) so I have been putting in slightly more effort in maturing my style in what I wear and how I decorate. I've completely redone my resume and the blog you're looking at as well because I feel that they should both show off the creator's personality. If you would like to see a blog post on how I create my resumes and design my blog, which I do all myself, I would be more than happy to think something up.

Learning what I do and don't like
This was a big thing for me recently. As I mentioned about my style, what I want to do within journalism and writing, changes regularly. The goal has and will always be to be a novelist and an editor for a book publishing company. However, this semester I took a big turn and decided I want to try photojournalism and am currently taking at course at my university for it. I've always loved photography and videography and spent my entire high school career behind a camera, but this was the first time I truly took it seriously. And I first discovered it was my dream, then quickly shook my head and realized it wasn't. Photographing for National Geographic will always be a dream, and if the opportunity comes I'm not sure if I could pass it up, however, I don't believe it's for me.

There's no harm in trying out things you find interesting, because how would you ever know what you really enjoy otherwise, but it's also okay to accept that you don't like something as much as you thought you did. I love taking pictures, but I hate being told when and how to take them.

Stretching in the evening
Probably a low rung on this list, but nonetheless something I have been doing differently. I've gotten into yoga again, which if you've been here since the beginning, you'll know I used to do every morning for a while in high school. My college has classes every day so I've been going to them with my roommates and also by myself, and on top of that I have also been stretching before bed. I'm not sure if it's just me hoping it's making a difference, but I feel a little healthier physically and am already seeing progress in my previously low-to-average flexibility.

Being okay with quality over quantity
I'm still getting there with this one, as I've always wanted to do as much as I can as well as I can. I've been putting more of a mindset on living a bit slower and taking things easier, and really just not trying to take on everything I want to. With that, I've also been trying to put much more effort in the things that I do. This meant easing back on blog posts so I could make them as I envisioned; reading maybe not as many books but being more invested in them.

Bullet journaling
I've always been very sentimental and loved making scrapbooks, so this year I decided I would make a photo album/journal/collection of random things for throughout my last two years of college. This first year and a half of it has gone by unexpectedly fast, so I wanted to bind together all the small memories of the every day so I can look back and remember what it was like.

Straying from TV when going to bed
Many of you probably think this is a little random, but I have watched TV while trying to sleep my entire life because I need some sort of talking or music and some sort of light to sleep (frankly, I'm just scared of the dark). For Christmas, though, my parents got me a speaker that lights up and I've been slowly converting myself from TV to speaker. There's many nights where I still need or want the TV, but the speaker has helped loads.

Thinking more consciously about the environment
The environment has always been a concern of mine, from participating in beach clean ups and recycling. This year, with global warming being as present in our lives as ever, I've put much more thought into the products that I buy and what I recycle. There are so many things we buy that truly destroy the environment to make, so I've put in a conscious effort to think about how my habits may affect the world.

Paying more attention to my body
The biggest thing I have done for myself this year was paid attention to my body. It was kind of forced upon me, but it was still something I'm very glad I started doing. For the last three years I have been having a few different health problems: I was fainting and near-fainting randomly, having severe headaches, having chest pain, etc. Starting in January, however, it all got suddenly much worse to where I was close to blacking out nearly every day, when I used to faint every few months, and there were days where I couldn't leave bed due to horrible headaches. One day my Mom finally told me to go get bloodwork and it came back that I was just anemic, and that all of my health problems, including things I noticed but never connected, were because of it. Fragile nails, sudden feelings like I'm not getting enough air, weakness, coldness, and exhaustion on top of the fainting, headaches, and chest pain, all  went away for the most part after starting an iron vitamin.

The moral of the story is to listen to what is happening to your body because there's probably a reason and it's trying to let you know there's something to fix. It could be as simple as just lacking a vitamin.

After finishing this, I realize it's been quite a year... and it's only March. As much as it's been, it's definitely been a lot for the best and for that I'm very hopeful for the rest of the year. I also hope you all have also had a 2019 full of growth & optimism.

Thank you for reading,

Taylor x

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