Why I Switched From Blogger to WordPress

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

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Hello everyone!

Some of you were curious how my switch from Blogger to Wordpress went and which one I prefer, so I'm finally posting about it! I believe it was only 28 days ago that I switched, so it hasn't even been a month, but I really like it!

I had been thinking about the switch for a long time, on and off, but I never really committed to the transition just because I loved how my Blogger looked and it took forever to get it how I wanted it. But I realized that the majority of bloggers I knew used Wordpress so with a little peer pressure I did it lol. Everyone said the biggest perk was making it easier for people to follow your blog since 1.) most people use Wordpress and 2.) there's a follow button on the blog that makes it way easier to follow other blogs. There is also a page, when you make an account, called Reader where you can read posts by other blogs you follow, making it easier to stay connected to other bloggers.

As for the transition itself, it was pretty easy- a lot easier than what I was anticipating. First it's just making your account and choosing your theme (which you can change at any time) and then customizing it how you want. There aren't many really good themes for free, in my opinion so I made all the titles and pretty much everything myself. It is extremely possible to create a great blog using a free template, even if you have no idea how to create headers and titles and stuff. There are plenty of online tools that make it really easy for setting up a pretty blog, or you could just use the template itself if you like it! I used to use PicMonkey to make all my titles and such, but the site recently turned into members only and I don't want to pay for it. I had also used Pixlr, which I now only use. With some downloaded fonts, I actually like this way better. I would recommend using a 1000x400 pixel ratio for any post titles, and 1200x400 for blog headers.

Transferring all the posts was probably the easiest part. If you go to settings, then other, it'll say on the top of the page "Back Up Content." This will save your blog exactly how it is, post-wise, to your computer as a file. Make sure you know where it's saved. Then when you go back to Wordpress, go to settings and scroll until you see "Import." Then click on "Start Import" next to "Medium," find your file, and voila! Your whole blog is there! Any drafts and scheduled posts that you had will also be there, which made me extremely happy, and you can find them in your blog post section waiting to be posted.

As for getting followers and page views, it's so much easier! And the stats are way better for tracking your audience- it even shows you how many visitors you had each day and your visitor to page view ratio. For followers, I earned twenty-five in my first three days, and I only had none on Blogger in its whole existence. With that being said, it was totally worth it for me. I was sad to lose my 3.5k page views that I accumulated, but I had 100 page views in the first three days as well. So from my experience, I think the transition is completely worth it!

In my case, I also kind of re-vamped my blog by using new title formats and changing the name of it from "TaylorAMartin" to "Taylor Is Reading," my twitter handle. My blog also seemed a lot cleaner than Blogger, just in the lay out and format. Blogger, now, just seems a lot cheaper and messier.

The decision to switch is really personal and really just based off preference and which you find as an easier interface. With the results I've gotten from the switch, I would highly recommend it. The transition is never final, and I recommend keeping your Blogger for a while until you're 100% sure you want to make it a permanent change. Also, make a post on your Blogger about the transition, so any followers can follow your Wordpress now.

Let me know if you make the transition, and leave your Wordpress link down below so I, and other readers, can follow you!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I also switched from Blogger to Wordpress a little over a month ago! I love wordpress so much better! I agree that it's much easier to get page views and follows and I love that I can just go to the reader and see everyone's post! It feels more like a usual social networking site and I love that!

  2. Yes! I love the social feel of it, I never realized how isolated I felt using Blogger!

  3. I actually messed around on a bunch of different sites before deciding where to start my blog. Still glad I did it like that, because now I know for certain that I'm good where I am - no need to start doubting and switch my blog to somewhere else, haha.

    Your lay-out looks awesome! I have yet to mess around properly with mine, but I need some kind of creative burst for that or something - ugh. I'm not that good at things like that unfortunately, haha.

    Anyway, welcome to Wordpress! ^-^

  4. Thank you so much!! I love your blog too!
    And that's a really good idea! All I've ever used s Blogger ad Wordpress, but I'm pretty contempt with Wordpress :)
    Thank you for reading!