College: Expectations vs. Reality

Monday, October 23, 2017

College Exp. vs. real

Hey everyone! How many of you are just starting college this fall? I have seen that a lot of people in the bookish community are college freshmen this year, including myself. If that includes you, congratulations! And I hope you can relate to this post. Without further ado:

  1. Freedom

  • There's too much freedom in college. It takes a while adjusting to this new sense of freedom, and once you understand you're an actual adult, it gets weird. You don't really notice exactly how much freedom you really have until it is three in the morning in your boyfriend's dorm room and you just ordered a cookie called "The Booty Call" from a late night cookie delivery service called CookieGazm. This also leads into my next point.

2. Freshman 15

  • CookieGazm, Subway, and the dining hall have been real trying places for me. I never thought I would gain weight in college, and I haven't (at least not yet), but I find time to work out and play intramural flag football to try to stay in shape. In college you don't understand how much you're eating. And you're c o n s t a n t l y hungry. I literally eat breakfast, go to the library, sit down, and get hungry again. Healthy snacks are your friend and you miss fruit and vegetables a lot more than you think you do. *Cans of fruits are so much cheaper than plastic cups of fruit*

3. Late Nights

  • College is only college for like the first two or three weeks of school. I used to go to bed at 10 every night, sometimes 11 if I felt a little risky. Now I can't remember a time I went to bed before midnight. Staying up late to go to the club or party with friends then changes to cramming in the 24/7 library until almost 2 in the morning. Don't let anyone fool you, college is hard. Even the gen. eds. You will spend most days doing 8+ hours of work. One day I did homework (including an exam) from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. But there are also nights when you watch your drunk friends order Subway at 1:30 a.m. It varies.

4. Clubbing

  • Clubs are exactly what you think they are. I have gone to clubs only twice, and one of them was a Latin night which is crazy fun. But everyone is drunk (not always the funny drunk), it is like hell's sauna so short skirts/shorts and crop tops are great, and it's awkward unless you go with people who want to dance with you. I don't drink so I'm always the babysitter, but that isn't bad because I like to make sure my friends are safe anyway.

5. Reading Time

  • Say goodbye to reading a book a week. I thought I would have so much time to read and I would collect so many books, but I have yet to finish a book since school started in August... it is October 23rd. And I'm broke. It is really sad, and I really miss reading, but there really is no time. But that is also ok because I think of all the memories I have made and have yet to make with my boyfriend and friends. Don't miss out on experiences because you want to make time to read.

6. Writing

  • Because there is so little reading time, there is also so little writing time. I tend to write more now because the more I write and can submit places, the more it adds to my portfolio and resume. If you're going into the writing and editing field, submit everywhere. Local newspapers. Literary magazines. Random magazines and online sites. Just get your work out there. Also, it will greatly help you get internships at magazines and editing places (I've heard they like bloggers.)

So, those are my expectations vs. reality points for college so far. I hope you found this somewhat beneficial because I wish I had something like this to read to tell me what to expect.

Thanks for reading,


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