The First Ten Chapters: Editing Edition

Thursday, June 14, 2018

 I am back with another edition of the First Ten Chapters, but this time from the editing stand point.

     In my situation, the editing side isn't too different from the writing side because I am re-writing the first twenty or so chapters! I have been writing this book over the span of the last three years, so the end of my book is tremendously different from the beginning of it. However, I have taken away and added so much and created so many answers for things I really couldn't answer before. I am really happy with where my book is heading at this point and I am even more happy with how the second book is looking in my mind.
So far, I am on chapter 12 and I have only been able to recycle one chapter to make minor changes on. It was such a great feeling to knock out two chapters that day. My goal is to have the second draft of my book completed by the time my fall semester picks up in the end of August.

     I thought I would let you all have a little insight into my book for the first time ever!
It involves a strange land that is VERY loosely connected to hints of Norse mythology, and there is a magical mirror and an evil ruler and an average bookworm main character who is so excited to have her own adventure like the ones she so often reads in books. There's political turmoil and feasts and parties and a villainous creature, and the MC has no idea what she literally stumbled into.

     That is all I will say for now as I don't own any rights to my idea or have the idea secured with a publishing company. I wish I could blab on forever about it to you guys, but I really can't.

     At this rate, my book will probably go beyond the 26 chapters I had in my original draft, and will probably be over the 77,500 words of the first draft as well. As daunting as that sounds as I am currently at 21,400 after chapter 11, I am very proud of how much I have expanded my world and how much I have created for this second draft. I added so much more depth to the novel and did so much more world building to make it what I had dreamed of but never knew what the book was missing.

     So, my biggest struggle thus far has been getting distracted, and by this I mean I have two other book ideas that I am outrageously ready to start writing, but alas, I really want to finish this book first. It is so tempting sometimes to just designate a day to one of the other books, but I need to keep on track with my current WIP.

     When I get to the third draft, I know that it will speed along a lot better because as of right now I hope for at least three chapters a week. It will also mostly come down to making sure everything makes sense, everything has been connected properly, there are no loose ends that shouldn't be loose ends, and there aren't any grammatical errors. I also plan to have beta readers for my third draft so I can see if the idea suits my target audience.

     In all, right now I am really just re-writing and will have more an extensive update once I complete this draft. I will still keep you all updated, though!

     Let me know about your WIP below or what you think of the editing/writing process.

Thanks for reading!
Taylor . x

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