Inside my college backpack.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

For the next four years, you will be living out of your backpack. It is best, and almost essential, to have everything you would need for a day trip in your bag. You may leave your dorm or apartment set on going to lecture or to the library but then be coerced into romping about town. Because of this reason, you also don't want an uncomfortable backpack or one that is too heavy.

I wore a big, bright blue Jansport bag for my entire first year. It was half my size and far too heavy. I downsized into an old family Yale track bag, which was still sizable enough to fit my 15" laptop. That is a key factor in choosing a backpack - can you fit your laptop in it? Another key factor - is it durable in the rain? More than likely you will be caught walking on campus by a thunderstorm.

With that last thought, a nice umbrella is essential.

I also like to carry a Brita filtered water bottle so I can fill up anywhere and know that my water is clean. This helps me to drink more water during the day and my skin is very thankful.

You will need to make space for the less exciting school notebooks, but I like to carry a book for pleasure around because so much reading can be done while waiting for things.

Do not forget a pencil pouch. Your highlighters will explode, so instead of ruining a rented $200 textbook, ruin a $2 case.

For my entire backpack haul, you can check out my YouTube video that just went up!

What's in your school backpack? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading,

Taylor . x

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  2. For some reason I always end up with loads of scrap paper and copper coins in my backpack, but since I love in rainy Manchester I always have an umbrella, a book and my usual school stuff, need to work on drinking more water tho so I'll probably steal that filtered water bottle idea off of you 😂❤ lovely post!

  3. I always have coins too and usually tons of receipts 😂 Thank you so much! 💕