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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

As the time of dorm shopping and college-readying rolls around, a lot of you may be wondering what exactly should be brought. What is too much, and what is essential? Watching these kinds of videos and reading these types of posts helped me so much to declutter my luggage and my space before move-in day.


B a t h

shower shoes

shower caddy

toothbrush case

bulk of feminine products, soap, shampoo, & conditioner

R o o m

unread books

drawer liners


zipping pillow covers for under cases

mattress protector

mattress pad

K i t c h e n

dish brush

dish soap

medium sauce pan

medium pan

baking sheet


plastic cup

coffee mug

small coffee maker


can opener

E t c.


work clothes for interviews

router if WiFi is not included with your dorm or apartment

mini fridge & microwave if living in a dorm


something from home


a plant of some kind (so you don't get lonely)


extra cables

filtered water bottle

desk light

file folder


desk calendar

cozy blankets

fun decorations!!

There are so many things you might need or not need for school depending on if your dorm has a common room and kitchen, or if you're going into an apartment like I did. What you can't forget is making your dorm or apartment feel like home. Personalize it with a few things from your old room and with pictures of family and friends. Don't forget any sentimental things you know you would regret not taking. No one will judge you for having a stuffed animal or two, contrary to popular belief.

Let me know down below what you think is essential and suggested for going to college!

Thanks for reading,

Taylor . x

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