Netflix Original Shows That Were Surprisingly Great

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

     Raise your hand if you watch too much Netflix.
     No one should have their hand raised because that's not possible. Netflix is a meaningful, cultural experience. At least that's what I'm telling myself because I had to finish all of these shows in a disturbingly short amount of time to put them on this list.
     I say had to, but I made this post after the fact that I finished them.
     As I galivanted through Netflix, I found some shows that I really hadn't expected much from except some mind-numbing entertainment whilst procrastinating my Spanish exam. However, as it turned out, I really enjoyed these shows.
     Besides the first ones, the rest are all adult shows and I would definitely not watch them if you are younger than 17 because they can be pretty harsh.
     Other than that, I really enjoyed these shows and wanted to share them with you!

Nailed  It!

     This is the most entertaining and hilarious cooking show I have ever seen. If you have ever scrolled through Pinterest as an average baker and spotted a crazy decorative recipe you wanted to try, or had a baking fail, you will adore this show. It puts average people to the test of cakes and desserts that truly are works of art. It also shows you where they went wrong and what to do to prevent it, so you are learning!

The End of the F***ing World

     After watching the first episode I was deeply intrigued but also intensely put off by this show. It was disturbing and troubling and possibly traumatizing, but all of my roommates had loved it so I gave the rest of the season a go... in two days. It's the classic Bonnie and Clyde tail but of two modern, British, grotesque teens.


     How many shows are animated, adult, and fantastical with elves and unicorns and kingdoms? None. That's why I was so intrigued by this show. I am a big fantasy lover, as you all know, so finding an animated show that was all fantasy and fairly funny, I was kind of hooked. It was strikingly original and fiercely strange, so in all it was great.

Big Mouth

     This show is for the disturbed when it comes to comedy -- if are not a fan of the raunchier kinds of comedy, do not watch this show. This is Family Guy on steroids. We follow a group of young, pubescent kids who try to figure out life, emotions, and body parts with the help of their personal hormone monster. It's really not for everyone because it is so out-there, but honestly, I thought it was hilarious.


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