Spring cleaning; three new face washes

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Spring Cleaning

There's something about new skin care that just feels fresh. Going into the summer months, I'm finding it increasingly important to wash my face morning & night to keep the dirt and sweat from the day off my skin. I have found three products that have pretty much done the trick.

I was gifted these to washes by Fresh and Influenster in exchange for an honest review, and to be completely honest, they're not the best face wash and scrub I've used.  However, since using them along with the last cleanser, there hasn't been a pore on my face. Not much in the way of imperfections has been dealt with while using these, but my skin feels smoother and looks brighter than it has in a while.

The soy cleanser is my favorite of the duo because not only does it smell refreshingly like cucumber but it also takes off makeup well. The scrub isn't as exfoliating as I would prefer -- my favorite scrubs are your average St. Ives scrubs because they're fine but really feel like you're taking off dead skin -- but something in the product must be working somehow based on the results I've had.

Possibly the best cleanser I have yet to use, which is no surprise with Burt's Bees having been my go-to brand for lip balms for years. It leaves your face feeling so deeply washed and refreshed after that it feels cold and tingly in the absolute best way. In the morning, I do a quick wash with this, follow it up with a moisturizer, and feel incredibly clean and awake until it turns around four and I'm craving a cup of tea.

Those are the products I've been trying out lately and very much enjoying. Let me know what your skin care routine is looking like currently; I'm a skin care addict who constantly needs new recommendations.

Thanks for reading,
Taylor . x

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